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Oracle maintained schema’s.

When doing maintenance on a database, on users, on objects, I often want to exclude schemas that are part of the database. Schemas for apex, monitoring, java, Warehousebuilder, etc. So I have a where clause which looks like this :

That works fine, but on large systems with many installed features the list can […]

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Using screen to protect against connection issues.

We have all been there : running a script, rman restore, upgrade and wham, the vpn connection fails, your home network connection gone, and even silly things as : while running the script, my laptop decided it was update time and auto-rebooted 🙁 Connection gone, session dead, script terminated somewhere halfway. Surely we all have […]

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Shrinking datafiles.

Our BI departement recently did some big maintenance to their set of tables, indexes, etc. After their efforts, the  datafiles contained a lot of air. Since storage is expensive, we decided to try to shrink the datafiles. We know about the high watermark, we cannot shrink files lower then that point, but any space after this […]